In search of eternal love……!

From eras, love is one unite feeling which has no definite statement to be expressed. Breaking through the rules of materialistic boundaries, love bestows a new feeling of being alive. The journey of love however starts with life, continues with joy on ends on divine. Thus, this is often termed as the most beautiful emotion that could ever happen to a soul.

It is one divine emotion that makes you feel high, nurtured, and peaceful and anything that could make you feel on top of the world. Love sees no bars of religion, age, status and now even GENDER…….!

Jokes apart, being the most refreshing feeling of the universe, it surely has the power encounter even the most life threatening deals of life. In an urge of find love, most teenagers start their journey blindly without considering the adverse effects of life. This ultimately puts them nowhere but at a shameful regret.

To fall in love it’s essential to know the concerned person and to do the same it requires patience, care and commitment towards the particular relation you want to be in. One should always respect and serve dignity towards your partner to show the care and concern you owe them.

There are no such hard and fast rules of admiring and loving that one special person in your life, this often confuse few to mix the feelings of infatuation and love. What is love?
The question remains unanswered from ages and shall be the same till eternity. But what matters is to actually understand and admire that special moment in life.

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